It’s a Bit Quiet in Here, Isn’t It?

It is quiet.

Damn quiet.

That’s because I’m getting ready to unveil the rebranding. The Becoming Me that I mentioned. And I’m focused on Getting Shit Done like nobody’s business, determined to never again be that cobbler whose kids have no shoes.

And the unveiling? Either Friday or Monday. The date is set. My incredible developer, Jeremy Fields, has been working overtime on getting everything where it needs to be and I’m busy putting everything where it needs to go.

In the meantime, however, I want to throw something out at you and have you chew on it for a few days. I mean, because I know your life revolves around wondering what this website it going to look like come Friday/Monday, right?

So here it is:

What keeps you up at night in your business?

If you’re willing, drop your up-all-nights into the comments section. And I look forward to seeing what’s inside your mind — good and not-so.

PS: the things that keep you up all night don’t have to be bad — fears, concerns, challenges, and whatnot. They could be the things that bring you incredible joy!




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22 replies
  1. sherean
    sherean says:

    As I contemplate starting (another) new business, what keeps me up at night is not questions of whether or not I have the skills/expertise/connections to do it, but what the cost will be to my family. I know it’s a question women have wrestled with forever, but having a child later in life made that question a bit easier for me initially. I had a successful company, could set my own hours, be home with him as much as I wanted. Recession was really hard on my company, but the business is coming back. I, however, am shell-shocked and interested in doing something new, not in professional services. Knowing the investment of time and energy it will take, I now find myself facing the work/life dilemma. Do I go the easy route and continue to build the established business? Or do I roll the dice one more time?

  2. Nicole R. Mar-Fan
    Nicole R. Mar-Fan says:

    My products and my little shop keep me up at night. Once I get into my workshop and start making things the makery just keeps going and going, and then there I am WTFing when I realize that I have less than three hours before I have to go w-o-r-k.

    Being crafty is a bitch on my eyeballs but thank God for Death Wish coffee.

  3. Erroin Martin
    Erroin Martin says:

    One of the items that keeps me up at night is collecting on what is owed to me without destroying relationships with my customers. It is a constant game of cat and mouse that can me up thinking of new ways to get paid.

  4. Barbara Goldberg
    Barbara Goldberg says:

    Having an idea that could either better a service I offer or create a new avenue for a service. My mind is in a constant buzz and it drives me nuts that I can’t shut it down. The only way to stop it is to starting acting on the idea as soon as I’m up.

  5. Steve Borek
    Steve Borek says:

    Sometimes I worry about loved ones. I’m somewhat concerned with a couple of web sites that are being built by someone I’ve never worked with before. Cross your fingas for me Erika! You’re Italian? Your name ends in a vowel. Maybe you can say a prayer in Italian or Latin for me.

  6. John Heaney
    John Heaney says:

    Erika, I can’t wait to see what you unveil that I can steal shortly thereafter. I, too, have suffered the fate of the cobbler’s child and have my own minor relaunch pending. If only I could finish everyone else’s work first.

  7. timbrauhn
    timbrauhn says:

    Knowing that quite soon I’ll have to give myself to the business fully and grow it like a monster plant. I stay awake because of a moderately pervasive fear of success.

  8. Jesse Bussard
    Jesse Bussard says:

    Right now, it’s getting paid. Recent changes with some of the publications I do freelance work for have made payment slow coming. Very frustrating when you’ve got bills to pay!

  9. Williesha Morris
    Williesha Morris says:

    Balancing my personal life with this new, crazy business thing. I have clients and still feel like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing or why I’m doing it….even though I have these goals and missions written down. *goes back to read them*

  10. Bill Dorman
    Bill Dorman says:

    Will I have a great hair day?

    I’m in commercial insurance sales, one of the biggest challenges we have is getting an audience with the decision maker. Who wants to talk about insurance, right?

    The dynamics of the insurance transaction means somebody has to get fired if I’m coming to work for you, this is probably the biggest impediment to getting that meeting because most don’t like having to fire someone unless they are really messing up. In the arena I play most accounts are handled pretty well.

    However, my first meeting will just be one of questions, we might not even talk about insurance. I will need to find out what is causing you distress, your stay awake at night concerns and then determine if it will be a good fit for us to go forward.

    I guess what keeps me awake is keeping enough viable prospects in my pipeline because we can truly help you improve your bottom line if (big if) you buy into our recommendations, and you are willing to fire ‘your guy’ and give me the keys to the car.

    Actually I sleep pretty well, what keeps me awake is figuring out ways to help my customers in a quantifiable way and build a bigger fence around the account.

    I know, snooze-fest, but that’s my world and I’m sticking to my story.

  11. Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef
    Tea Silvestre, aka Word Chef says:

    Will my internet connection stay strong and unbroken while I hold a live G+ hangout for Prosperity’s Kitchen? Will the evil tech gremlins foil my plans?
    Will my guests show up? Will anyone even watch? Will I die alone in the apartment before Mr. Perfect comes home from TX? And if I do, will he see the horrible mess and be glad he doesn’t have to deal with my insanity anymore? Will I ever have this much fun ever EVER again??

  12. ASwirlGirl
    ASwirlGirl says:

    What keeps me up at night is the fact that I have insomnia (I was diagnosed when I was a teenager). I’m up late at night and into the wee hours when everyone else is asleep. That’s when I do my best work and get a lot of things done, so it works for me.


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