Rediscovering My “Girl” and Shit You Need to Know

Erika Napoletano guest blog

A few weeks ago, I interviewed the brilliant minds behind TalkThirtytoMe. They were snarky, sassy and smart – and they “ring true.” Humor that’s absent the incessant bullshit and uncomfortably thought provoking – yeah, I dug it.

Well, I was fortunate enough to have them ask me to submit a piece. (blushing) I sent one over on Monday and TA-DAH! I’m live over on TalkThirtytoMe today! Check out my piece Girl: Rediscovered. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not 30-something. Emotional and career toils know no age. I’m just lucky they asked and liked what I had to say.

In other Redhead News, my Droid X arrived yesterday. It’s the sexiest damn thing I’ve ever seen and, well, I might never date again. Stay tuned for updates as this former AT&T Wireless customer gets her kicks with her new digital lovah. I might even let the shitty little iPhone watch.

Finally – HAVE YOU VOTED? My latest fiction contest is running and voting ends at 11pm TONIGHT (Wed, Aug 25, 2010). Do yourself a solid and stop by – there are some compelling reads and all are 300 words or less! Read the voting rules HERE (along with MY story inspired by the image). That post will take you to the submissions post where you’ll vote. And remember: every time you try to game the voting system, god kills a puppy.

And…if anyone would like a relatively pristine iPhone 3G, it’s yours and ready to jailbreak for $125. Use my contact form to ping me.


Whooo hooo on all accounts, but especially the Droid. (poor iPhone ~ not).