Rediscovering Your Hands

helping handsI’m laid-up with something akin to The Plague. Black, Bubonic — the jury is out. Given that I’m so high on decongestants that I’m fairly confident I have a new pet alligator, I’m not much in the mindspace to share anything poignant.

But I will share this.

While perusing Facebook this morning from inside my Blanket Cave, I came across this video. It reminded me of how incredibly strong my hands are perhaps it will do the same for you. All too often, we look away/walk by/pretend to text or make a call when there is someone who only needs one of our hands.

So ask yourself: why are my hands and what could they do today? While mine will likely be reaching for Kleenex and decongestants, it’s heartwarming to think of the potential we have to create a better day — for ourselves, for someone we’ve never met — just by knowing what our hands could do if we give them the opportunity. Because at the day’s end, we’re the only ones preventing our hands from acting on the things we think they could achieve.

Can’t see the video in your email? Click here to view.

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  1. Brian Watkins
    Brian Watkins says:

    Wow what a powerful video! The end where you see all the people that kid has touched through the chain is amazing.

  2. says:

    OK Typhoid Mary! LOL! Here’s to the release of your pet Gator and a full recovery!!!
    Nice Video. I see us as humans being an open Ocean. Our concerns , emotions and compassion roll in and out as waves. Something happens to us, collectively we respond to hardships and disasters but as the weeks pass we go back into our pick up the pace mentality. I helped an 80 y/o man one day who was pushing a grocery basket across the railroad tracks. He spoke only spanish and I only english, we got him home anyway. When I told someone local about the incident they replied , “Alot of people around here love to walk”! I was shocked!!! Some of the people here make so little money they can’t afford a car and must walk.I thought to myself “People aren’t uncaring they are unaware…So take off the Rose colored glasses and take a look around! Nuttin’ but LOVE!


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