Resting My Case: Online Dating…someone peed in the pool

After the blog post “Common Fucking Courtesy: Grammar, Usage and Online Dating” went live earlier today, I get THIS gem in my inbox.

I rest my case.



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  1. ChrisMealey
    ChrisMealey says:

    It’s almost as though his space bar is instantly disabled after any misplaced punctuation… could be a new market for keyboards.

  2. jeff dykhuis
    jeff dykhuis says:

    So is he hoping that maybe you are desperate enough to drive to Bayfield i suppose? I was a member of many various online dating sites myself, never had any luck. I prefer to meet people the old fashioned way, face to face drunk off my ass in a bar, No not really but face to face is better to me than online, never did a thing for me, seemed like a scam.Good luck, enjoy reading your blog, very insightful for us single guys.

  3. Fascinated
    Fascinated says:

    Ahh…The mating ritual! Bellows and plumage galore! Reminds me of a Discovery Channel show I saw about chimps. The male went up and pulled the female’s hair. Guess what – he got some! Somewhere out there is this guy’s run-on gal. I just know it! Come to think of it, she might be somewhere around Bailey. That’s just a hunch.

  4. Chris Smith
    Chris Smith says:

    Wow…(insert sounds of chirping crickets here)…now I know why I can’t seem to get a decent date on…he’s getting all the action! What inquiring minds want to know is what your response to that gem looked like!

  5. Mike Roe
    Mike Roe says:

    When my marriage to an extremely beautiful and talented woman who loved me very much ended after 10 years, I did some serious soul searching. Didn’t take long, as my soul was purchased on a rent-to-own plan, and I’ve long since stopped making the minimum payments. Anyway, that soul searching eventually led me to a generic Prozac. It also led me to the belief that the number one thing I could ever hope for in a relationship is passion. In the eight months since my divorce (and since quitting the aforementioned generic mood altering prescription drug), I’ve come to the conclusion that what I really long for in life is consistency. Dude wrote 51 words and yet, sometimes, it’s “im,” and, other times, it’s “i am.” Now, as a copywriter, I applaud him for never using an exclamation point. For instance, he very easily could have written “Hi Redhead! You seem amazing! Wow!!!” So, he gets some bonus points. And, in this instance, the exclamation points would not have been unwarranted. But, the lack of consistency combined with the fact that he isn’t exactly sure how long he lived in Vegas is just too much. Of course, thanks to the lingering effects of my generic Prozac, I feel sorry for him; at least he tried. What made me come to my senses, though, is that Redhead IS amazing, and when you’re fortunate enough to come across a man or woman who’s truly amazing, “over here” and “over there” shouldn’t matter. I would travel any distance at any time to hang with a woman who truly moved me.

    • The Redhead
      The Redhead says:

      Mike – you know you’re one of my favorite writers (ever), and I can’t argue with you at all. When love comes along, you definitely find the shining light at accept that person for anything they are and everything they’re not. However, I think some folks really do sabotage themselves in the online dating realm when there are a few things they can do to “idiot-proof” their communications. As someone who’s done a few long-distance relationships and (gasp) even crossed county lines to see men who moved me – distance is never really an issue. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that my “soulmate” is geographically restricted to my immediate metropolitan area – but I do think he owns something with spell check :).


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