Revisiting the C-Word

c-words businessI spoke a bit about the c-word awhile back. In this month’s column for Entrepreneur Magazine, I got to revisit it.

Well, not IT. But c-words in general.

If you haven’t picked up this month’s issue, you’re totally copacetic. You can check it out – and for FREE – online!

When you have a moment, you can bop over to C-Words to Build a Business On and weigh in with your own favorite c-words (some great additions in the comments already) as well as share it on LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter. Not only that, you’re going to learn about NeighborGoods, a kickass startup out of California that I met back at SXSW Accelerator in March. The founder is a roller derby doll, inked to the hilt, and HAWT – in both the physical sense AND business-savvy department. (she’s @mickipedia on Twitter)

So click, read, comment and share your c-words. Such a shame they’re seen as taboo! And get ready to tune in tomorrow – it’s the first installment of Fuck Yeah, Friday – where we tuck the Bitch Slapping hand away and give kudos to folks who are out there and doing it RIGHT. We’ll also have submission guidelines for anyone who wants to be considered for future installments of FYF.

Seeya then – oh and one more thing.

If you have $1 to spare to help some kids in a New York classroom, a Redhead Writing reader (teacher) needs a hand. An instructor in a high-poverty area, he has a project up on DonorsChoose, a highly reputable and well-vetted site that helps educators get their goals met. Have a look, add a buck. It’s for the kids 🙂 [thank you]

Click here to review Jon Kniss’ project on Donors Choose.


Couldn't get past "High-Friction Transaction"  What was it you said about buzz words?  "Horizontal-Alignment" used to be called "Teamwork" and, I think, "High Friction Transactions" used to be  "Expensive ways of doing business"...  Now let's get some $$$ for Mr. Kniss!!!

Al Smith
Al Smith

You are a trip.  Left some new c words for ya.  Pending approval by moderator ? Taking awhile.  I will leave one here.  CARE.