Ain’t There Just Something Dead Sexy About a Geek?

sexy geekToday, I’m directing you somewhere other than this blog. I’m sending you over to Carol Roth’s ‘hood where I have a guest post — where a date from a few months ago got me thinking, “Man, you are beautiful, but I’m looking for another kind of sexy.

And that sexy — that “turn on” for me — comes from geeks.

It’s more than a propensity for Star Wars action figures or nerdy references to 70s and 80s music. It’s the ability to dive in past the surface and settle in for the tough conversation.

It’s about being resourceful.

It’s about building a solid group of friends — and if you’re a brand, understanding the value in your customers and why you want them to be your friends.

It’s also about knowing that, just like Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors, we as human beings aren’t for everyone. So why do we try to build businesses, blogs, and other outlets that appeal to the masses? If everyone liked the same thing, not only would it be a world boring as fuck. Baskin Robbins would only have 1 flavor.

So check it out — and if you’re not familiar with Carol, she’s another one of those voices out there that’s anti-hugging. She’ll drop the skinny on you day after day to get you from where you are to where you need to go. Oh – and she wrote a book as well: The Entrepreneur Equation. Have a lookie.

And in the meantime, bring on the geeks. RAWR. And yes. George Takei? Sexy. Mother. Fucker.

click here to read my guest post

PS: Carol’s giving away a copy of The Power of Unpopular, too. Maybe you’ll pick one up!

Jefferson C Hunt
Jefferson C Hunt

Love the guest post . Even if I don't win the book you turned me on to her writing. back in the day we did not get called geeks just dorks.


The preface here to your guest post  at Carol's place looked so lonely. : /  I don't quite get how Mr. Sulu qualifies for the SMF Award, but I know that bookish Ashley Banfield wins 10 out of 10 times over bookish Margaret Thatcher. Just sayin'. Men are from Mars. : )