Snarketing: Here’s Your Sign

Welcome to Snarketing, a new addition to Redhead Writing. The name was inspired by Michael Roe of Hollywood Copy, a dude I’m delighted to call a colleague. (props, Mike) Snarketing will be a weekly edition dedicated to the WTFs of the marketing world and calling a little collective bullshit on the bad and giving some shout outs to the bril.

Got it? Get it? Good.

Here’s your sign.

Signs surround us. Driving, walking…we can’t get away from them. One of three things can happen with a sign:

  1. It’s horrible.
  2. It’s forgettable.
  3. It’s memorable – for reasons right and wrong.
funny sign 2

What a brilliant idea! When I’m in financial distress, I’m going to look towards the dude who can’t afford to invest in professionally-made signs to rescue me from foreclosure. EXCELLENT! Perhaps he’s using the money he could have spent on signs on buying my house…

funny sign 1

Here’s a sign in the Las Vegas (shocker) AIRPORT, advertising that you can shoot a “machinegun” and “handguns.” A fail on multiple levels. I’m not even going to get into the chick holding the automatic weapon. Holy shit.

funny sign 3

WIN. I have nothing to add.

funny sign 4

There are so many things wrong with this picture. First, there’s a rear windshield graphic AND dealer tags on the car. Secondly, you’ve put a window graphic on a Cadillac. Finally, I had no choice but to go to that damn website. You probably just did, too. For that, I apologize.

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Veronica Davis
Veronica Davis

LOL @ the first and the fourth. Second - awesome :) Third... I have a different mentality than most women I guess. I was in the USMC for four years and the Army for two. I don't get what's so bad about that one - other than "come shoot our machine guns in the heart of evil cities" (OK... it may not be the most evil city. But c'mon, you know what I mean)

Roger Paige
Roger Paige

Wicked awesome Erika, wicked awesome.


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