Weekend Rehash: Social Media and SEO Recap, week of 7/21

Image courtesy of digitalart Lots of great information out there this week, and a crazy week it was. Kudos to my regular “blog-haunts” of HubSpot, PR-Squared and Mashable for another week of quality content. Brian Solis’ blog joins my “now watching” list this week as well. Enjoy the recap, as we’ll see you next week! Tuesday’s blog will be completely off-topic though completely on at the same time, discussing customer service and how social media impacts any service-based organization. (warning: I’m going on a rant!)

Social Networks: Business or Pleasure? – by Ellie Mirman

An excellent exploration of the fuzzy line between social media for business and pleasure.

All of Us and None of Us – by Todd Defren

Who’s doing what in the world of social media and marketing/advertising and how exactly does it apply to this brave new world of social media?

Google Gives Search Volume Data with Keyword Tool – Web Pro News

Google finally releases numeric search volumes for keywords instead of their previous bar code indicator. good or bad? (or just…there?)

New Communication Theory and New Roles for the New World of Marketing – Brian Solis

I could create a witty excerpt, but Brian does a fine job explaining his blog’s essence with this excerpt:

With the soaring popularity and adoption of Social Media, companies are realizing that in addition to marketing communications, listening and engagement is quickly becoming pervasive and necessary in order to compete for precious, yet thinned and distributed attention. The days of focusing solely on Web stickiness, eyeballs and clickthroughs are fading.

Enjoy the recap this week and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

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