Sometimes, I Have Good Ideas…

Others, I have two ex-husbands.

But I know this is a good idea.

Every year, RHW Media donates in excess of 300 hours to The Morgan Adams Foundation, a Denver-based nonprofit dedicated to raising funds for pediatric cancer research.

Some of you have been to their (amazeballs) events.

Others…well, you’re missing out.

This Sunday, I’m ending a whirlwind week of travel by climbing a crapload of stairs (because I think this is fun…WTH) to raise money for pediatric cancer research at Denver’s StepUp for Cancer event.

My initial fundraising goal was only $250, but you folks crushed that in pretty short order. So I made a pot-sweetening offer:

At $500, I said I’d do the climb in a poofy skirt, piggy hat, and post a video of me doing a Snoopy Dance on YouTube for all to see.

Well, that’s already happening. As I’m writing this, we’re already over $500. I guess you’re not easily satisfied. That’s why I have to truly make this worth your while.

If I raise $1000, not only will I pee my pants (which won’t be posted on YouTube), I’ll put on that Batgirl costume you’ve all been begging for and record the Snoopy Dance video.


Stairs are hard, but being a kid fighting cancer? I can’t imagine how hard that is. And that’s why I know this is a good idea NOT of the ex-husband variety.

So let’s do this thing. Click on Batgirl and let’s kick the shit out of pediatric cancer. I’m about to board a plane to Los Angeles to record that episode of The Jeff Probst Show tomorrow — I’d love to have an even MORE kickass story to share about my audience who collectively wasn’t too busy to help me bust my ass for some kids who really need our help. You guys were awesome with sharing your UNbusy hacks. I’d like to one day say we were part of UNcancer.

And thank you in advance.

PS: And if you can’t donate, that’s cool! Share my tweet, reshare my Facebook posts and spread the word. Every voice helps, and I’m grateful for YOURS. 

Let’s do this thing.

Imagine Batgirl with red hair

Janine Smith
Janine Smith

Did I just put you over the top? Woo hoo!

Lauryn Doll
Lauryn Doll

A witty redhead in a Batgirl costume? Point the way!

Jason Ramsey
Jason Ramsey

Great cause, I will share the hell out of this!