Tammany Hall, Buzzspeak and a Bit About Bacon

bacon fixes thingsYesterday, I went to brunch with my brilliant photographer Darren Mahuron, who had come down to Denver for the day from Fort Collins to hash out the photoshoot he’s doing for my forthcoming book, The Power of Unpopular (hold your damned horses, due out Spring of 2012). Along with his stunning girlfriend Rachel and his two daughters, we shuffled over to Steuben’s in Uptown for a little brunchy action, where I found waiting for me a new earthly delight:

the Bacon Bloody Mary.

Fine. Don’t believe me. I’m not lying. Every Bloody Mary should have bacon in it or mixed into the salt on the rim. Talk to your local bartender. INSIST that your favorite brunch destination upgrade their hair-of-the-dog offerings. You will thank me.

It’s a week where I’m wrapping up Book #1 (The Insider’s Guide to Egg Donation) with my writing partner out of California so I can get back to Book #2 (The Power of Unpopular), so I’ve got some shit to keep y’all busy while I meet a publishing deadline:

Item A for Your Consideration: Imagine an 80 Foot Tall Redhead in Times Square

Yeah, you read that right. Me. 80 feet tall*. In Time Square. You see, About.me is having this RUHdonk contest where you can go vote for my profile and if I make it to the top 20 profiles with the most votes by September 23, I get sent to The Judges. The Judges at About.me will then pick (dramatic inhale) three winners and those winners will, for a fleeting moment, have their About.Me profiles broadcast on the jumbotron billboards in Time Square in New York City.

Is it silly? Oh, yes.

Is it necessary? Most certainly not.

Should you vote? Fuck yes, you should vote!

Here’s how to help me out:

  1. Visit my About.me profile EVERY GODDAMN DAY until 9/23. That’s 11 more days of vote whoring.
  2. On the right side, you’ll see a VOTE thingamajiggie. Click it.
  3. Pass my profile around to all of your friends and family like a bong around a campfire and have them vote for me as well. (Every. Day.)
  4. Vote early, vote often. Think Tammany Hall, but without Daniel Day Lewis playing the oddly erotic and charismatic Butcher in Gangs of New York.

I thank you for your support. The picture in that profile is from my last photo shoot with Darren. He’s incredibly talented and I’d love to see his work where it belongs – larger than life!

Item B for Your Consideration: OMFG – Tell Me How Much You Hate Buzzspeak!

My latest column in Entrepreneur Magazine is live on their website as of today. And given that many of you are out there dealing with (gasp) real people like I am every day, we all know that buzzspeak is bullshit. Stop by and have a gander at How to Break Out of the Business Buzzword Bubble and let me and the other folks already adding to this lively discussion your pet peeves, your pisses-me-offs and take on the direction of the article. Mad props to Entrepreneur Magazine for having me and thanks to all of you for your subscriptions and for reading each month!


And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to bathe and meet a client. Then, it’s the gym and back to the office for another marathon session to finish out Book #1. And remember: if you can’t fix it, bacon can.

Craig McBreen
Craig McBreen

It's 5:00 in Seattle and I'm thinking of stopping on the way home to pick up some bacon and vodka. Just wish I knew how to make one. Maybe some bacon bits on the rim of the glass will do. You are a bad influence :) I clicked on that voting thingamajiggie.

The Redhead
The Redhead

Bacon...donuts? Two, two, two ways to get fat in ONE!

Carol Hess
Carol Hess

Funny you should mention the Bacon Bloody Mary.  I just heard about a Bacon Martini today.  Nope, no recipe.  Sorry.  


If you ever make it out the Brooklyn way you should try Traif, http://traifny.com/.  They have these amazing bacony cocktails among other good foods.  Stuff changes daily.    The bacon doughnuts are amazing.   Most of the menu changes daily, including the drink offerings.

Leon Noone
Leon Noone

G'Day Erika,  I have voted and I have left a comment at Entrepreneur.com  Please send bacon Bloody Mary recipe. Regards Leon