The Importance of Customer Feedback to Your Business

customer feedbackThis community was built on audience feedback. What you see today is what you’ve asked for. Frankly, I’d be an idiot if it were anything but. Customer feedback isn’t just a tool for business owners to have in their toolbox — it’s possibly the single most important guiding force in the future of your business.

Will you just survive, fail miserably (or silently), or move forward in a way that makes people go, “Damn — how did he do THAT?”

Customer feedback. Yup. It’s the ticket.

In my latest column in Entrepreneur Magazine, I sat down with Butch Milbrandt — co-founder and co-owner of Milbrandt Vineyards in the Washington Valley — and explored what customer feedback meant to his business.

They’re family-owned. 100% private. And they’re the reason you get to drink a fair number of wines you pick up at the store.

How did this family go from a legacy of farming to being a leading bottling facility for wineries up and down the West Coast?

You got it — customer feedback. Listening.

So grab a glass and fill it up with feedback. Check out what Butch has to say.

How to Really Listen to Your Customers

PS: I met Butch and his wife on a flight from Denver to somewhere or other last year. He saw me reading the latest issue of Entrepreneur and when I was done, he asked if he could borrow it. We got to talking about his family business and I eventually interviewed him for this column. So, if you’re looking to pitch me for a story, I highly recommend sitting next to me on an airplane. 🙂


Hi there Erika, interesting blog post. I must agree with you that customer feedback 'is the ticket' to having a successful business. However it is how and when we get feedback that makes a difference. Many businesses think that social media, review sites surveys are a good place to gather feedback but information and data tend to mostly take lots of time to process, gets loss in transmission and are often inaccurate. Ability to receive feedback in real time from customers and for management to act on site like for example the tool called Geteco provides makes a huge difference  It reduces the risk of getting so many negative comments online, and we learn about our customers more and cater to them better. Cheers :)


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