The Myth of the Zero Sum Game (AUDIO)

myth of the zero sum gameDo you ever feel — when you see someone winning — that you’re losing?

Me, too. Sometimes.

It’s the myth of the zero sum game. And yes, it’s bullshit.

The only reason it exists is because we choose to be bad at math.

So, maybe this is an audio blog. Maybe it’s a math lesson. You tell me.

I sat down and blurted out some thoughts on the subject. Just under nine minutes. Less time than it takes you to collate whatever the fuck it is you might feel needs to be collated.

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  1. FeldmanCreative
    FeldmanCreative says:

    This is great. Sadly, I was fully clothed while I listened. A bit later, I believe I’ll dress (undress) as the talent did and allow your words to truly wash all over me. Getting all jingly just thinking about it.

  2. jwj170104
    jwj170104 says:

    As that great philosopher Bruce Springsteen said – ” “Remember nobody wins unless everybody wins.”   Erika – love the thoughts and I’m going to try to do my part to kill this Zero Sum Game!   Happy Holidays and I hope that 2014 is a year filled with success, joy and love for you and all you love!

  3. missedcongeniality
    missedcongeniality says:

    I’ve always hated the concept of the zero sum game. I like to think that even in a direct competition, when someone ‘loses’ there’s something they can gain from it…consequently making them a winner. And I’m not talking about getting a trophy for “doing your best,” but instead in the act of the competition, you challenged and motivated the competitor to elevate their game.


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