meet Erika Napoletano Chicago actor

Messy. That’s me.

I spent 30-some-odd years of my life trying to be more perfect and less human. And today, I spend my time telling perfect to go to hell because human is where it’s at.

Messy describes me to a tee and I ask myself, as I approach every piece of work, “What’s the truth behind this?”

As a performer, it’s my job to tell the truth. Some days, it’s not what others (or even I) want to hear. But in that moment, and from moment to moment, it’s what an audience pays to see.

So that’s who I am: Messy. Erika is messy. And I’m not afraid to be messy. And there’s no greater joy for me to be surrounded by creators who are just as willing to be messy as I am.

Because let’s face it: Life’s messy. And it’s a lot easier to feel something when you stop trying to be perfect and show the world what it looks like when messy humans try to clean up their messes.

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