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SKETCH: If People Behaved in Real Life Like They Do in Online Dating

Written, directed, and produced by Erika Napoletano. Co-produced with Guy Bauer Productions.

TEDxBoulder: Rethinking Unpopular

On September 22, 2012, I took the by invitation-only stage at TEDxBoulder — one of the world’s largest TED-branded events. My topic? “Rethinking Unpopular.” Was “unpopular” really something to avoid or was it something to embrace?

In a story told with purple skirts, Sarah Palin, polar bears, and pie charts — think and laugh with me as you consider what “unpopular” means to you.

I wan honored with the national TED organization selected my talk as one of the TED Editor’s Picks for November 2012. Out of thousands of talks submitted each year, they choose only a handful per month for this honor. Thanks, TED.

FOX Business Correspondent Segments

During 2013 and early 2014, I was an on-air business correspondent for FOX Business News, discussing a wide variety of business and branding-related topics for their viewers.

PS: note my Twitter handle is now ErikaNapo