The Power of He Said: Search Engines as Social Media Tools

Part of the SEO (search engine optimization) push and the demand for talented copywriters is the pervasive and growing popularity of social media.

Simply put, social media is endorsement-based marketing. If you join a social media site like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or StumbleUpon, it’s likely someone told you about the site.

(“he said I should check this site out”)

You join, you tell others. It’s kinda the way you talk about a cool new restaurant in your area that has kickass dim sum on Sundays – you tell everyone you know.

Welcome to the reason for Search Engine Optimization Copywriting (SEO Copywriting).

See, search engines are really no more than the National Enquirerer for the web-based conversations of the world.  They’re the tabloids of what’s hot and what’s not. They send their little ears (aka web crawlers or spiders) out into the sidewalk cafes of the internet and find out who’s talking about what sites.

How many sites are talking (linking back) to a particular site?

Who’s blogging about a site?

How many people are talking about a site and what PARTS of the site are they talking about?

So think of it this way: the hot little teen ingenue in the latest summer slasher flick will never grace the covers of US Weekly or People if she’s got a crappy publicist.

Translated to web-speak:

If your website is the hottest thing next to, but the search engine spiders/crawlers can’t see your site or find pertinent information on it, you’re never going to have coveted first page results on the search engines.

To the Googler, your site appearing on the first page of search results is an endorsement from Google

(“Google says this site is good! I should click on it!”)

and all of the other surfers out there who think your site is “da schnizzle.”

Hence, SEO copywriting is an essential piece of the social media and SEO pie:

We write so spiders can find you, index you and help you rank among the keywords most pertinent to your business.

After all, no one cares that Geena Davis is an expert archer. They cared that she starred in “A League of Their Own” and “Beetlejuice.”

An SEO copywriter is only a slice of the pie, however. To take full advantage of the potential impact of social media and the inherent social qualities of search engine results, the value in SEM (search engine marketing) firms, PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, web analytics, and solid website design can’t be ignored.

So, there are some thoughts as to why social media and the concept of endorsement-based marketing surrounds us at every turn, as well as my perspective on why search engines are the most social of all the media tools currently on the web. Essentially, this is a “she said” on why you can’t ignore the current and future impact of social media, search engine results and the power of the endorsement.

Still unsure of what social media REALLY is? Check out this awesomely frank slide show by Marta Kagan and thanks to Todd Defren of PR Squared for Tweeting on this yesterday.

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