The Redhead Wrap-Up: Hot-lanta Edition


The view from my Atlanta hotel room

Good morning from Atlanta, Georgia. I’m here today to attend TEDxPeachtree and immerse myself in all sorta knowledge and experience as only The South can deliver. I attended last year and am delighted to have been invited back this year, especially following my own adrenaline and endorphin-filled experience at TEDxBoulder 2012 as part of the speaker roster.

I am also typing this email from a very posh bed — ever so much more posh than my own. There is no way this is fitting in my carry on luggage. God. Dammit.

Do you ever walk into a hotel room and think, “I could pee everywhere in here and I wouldn’t have to clean it up.”? Just me? I digress.

Also, I lost at pool this week. I can play astonishingly shitty when I set my mind to it. The wager entails me doing a friend’s dishes while wearing white. It’s an inside joke. I’ll be wearing a bra. And no, there won’t be any fucking pictures. Pervs.

Important note for all subscribers: I’m going to be porting the feed for RedheadWriting over to Feedblitz soon (possibly January 1, possibly sooner if I get moody). The look of your blog emails that land in your inbox will change, but that’s just because Feedburner (the provider of my current blog feed) from Google is no longer a “supported” Google service. Which means that if shit breaks, no one will help me unbreak it. Which is bogus. Your readership means more to me than using some janky, unsupported delivery method (like a drunk midwife), so the shift is happening to a specialized (and paid) RSS and email delivery service. If you have your feed burned through Feedburner, check out Feedblitz. I’ve also heard great things about MailChimp (which is free for lists under 2,000 subscribers up to 12,000 emails/month).

What’s been going on this week? It’s been pretty wonderful — so if you missed what’s filling your inbox from my email address, here’s an easy way to get all caught up (and fast).

Thank you, Irreverent Sales Girl. Last week, you met her as a guest blogger. This week, she kinda knocked my socks off with her own post about me and shit. Thank you, lady. If you haven’t stopped by to see what the what, check it (and her) out. OH! And she has a new (free) eBook coming out soon and I’ll be sure to send you a link so you can gitcha summdat.

Can you refuse this offer? There are already 78 comments on this post from people who are asking for help with something regarding their business. There are no strings, no cost. The only way to get help, though, is to ask. The deadline is end-of-day, TODAY, though! If you have a business question, send it our way. Jason Womack and I are assembling a team of kickass to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Current folks on board to help include Jason Womack, Stephen Denny, Erin Weed, The Irreverent Sales Girl, and Dan Waldschmidt. Pass this opportunity up at your own risk. And something pretty cool is happening, too — YOU guys are responding to other readers’ questions. This kicks epic, hippopotamus-sized ass. Keep it up.

Apparently, you can do things the ‘Erika Napoletano Way.’ Yep. If it’s in print, it must be true. In advance of my speaking engagement and book event at next week’s ad:tech conference in NYC (yes, it’s still happening), Aby Sam Thomas from Allvoices sat down with me to chat about the whats and wherefores of what I do and think for a living. He was an absolute doll and I’m totally looking forward to meeting him at the conference in NY next week!

That whole “two years” thing. It’s completely surreal to know that this week marked two years since I kissed Jason’s forehead and said goodbye. It was a much brighter week than I anticipated — and I talked a bit about my favorite shade of blue (y’know, the one you can’t replicate when you see it in the sky) and my thoughts on how we consistently need to be taking inventory in our lives.

Ass kickings, delivered. 2013 is around the corner — what are YOU doing to get your ass in gear for the coming business year? My latest column in Entrepreneur Magazine is live with tips designed to kick your keister into gear. Snark + solutions. Gitchasum.

My book was named to a listy-thing for Best Small Business Books of 2013, yo. Shit howdy, The Power of Unpopular was named #4 on a list of 8 of the best books for small business in 2013 by the National Federation of Independent Business. This just landed in my inbox yesterday. Made me smile.

And this week — with the election year (thank christ) coming to a close — I’ll leave you with a simple thought that I shared on my personal Facebook page — with my friends — yesterday:

“It saddens me that people use politics as an excuse for spreading vitriol and that they use elections as signpost events to say they stand for something. Why not stand for something every day and become a part of the solution instead a part of the growing masses who yell, kick, and scream, needing to disparage another in advancement of your own rarely celebrated and oft ignored agenda? If you haven’t noticed, America is something that happens, changes, and improves every day…not every 4 years. Go grab your Starbucks this morning and think about THAT.”

What inspired it? A community from the Brigantine coastal region affected by Hurricane Sandy posted this picture on their Facebook page and it erupted into a spew of hate-filled political-speak (like “fuck our President” — so classy). They removed it once due to the vitriol and reposted it, only to have the same nastiness happen once again.

I don’t care which way you bend. What I do care about is that you get your ass to the polls on Tuesday. If you think your vote doesn’t count, it does. And the next time you see a picture of one of our nation’s leaders hugging a woman who just lost everything — consider a smile. Hugs fix a lot of things. And seeing this picture made me happy. So happy, in fact, that I’m posting it. Don’t like it? >>> There’s the door. Go hug someone today — and mean it.

Obama Brigantine Hug

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6 replies
  1. Michelle Adams
    Michelle Adams says:

    It is a great picture! And it is frightening that the entire situation that was happening in it was entirely lost on so many rude people. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Shirley Braden
    Shirley Braden says:

    Erika, I have a question and it’s a serious one. I promise I’m not being a smart ass (not this time anyway), but a while back you did a post on awards and listings not meaning a hill of beans and when I asked you what you would do if you received such an award/praise, you said you’d ignore it. So how is this acknowledgement of your book in the Best Small Business Books listing different? Again, not trying to be sarcastic or call you out, but I seriously want to know what determines how you decide what is smile worthy/share worthy in this realm?

    • Erika Napoletano
      Erika Napoletano says:

      Sure thing. I mentioned list posts, specifically. Lists without purpose. First, I feel this mention was unsolicited. They had to take a larger action than simply knowing OF me to make the mention. They had to read my book. Secondly, I take it purely at face value. I’m on a “listy thing.” It’s not an award. It was included with 7 other books (many which I’ve actually read), and I took it to be a compliment that I was included with these authors on a very specific list. They also took the time to say why each book was of value for a small business owner’s bookshelf. Hope that helps 🙂

      • glutenfreeeasily
        glutenfreeeasily says:

        It does help … thanks! I have this issue with worrying about not being nice and failing to acknowledge kind words/recognition, so I appreciate the clarification.


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