The Shattering

the shattering erika napoletanoLast night, I missed the mark.

I had my hometown book signing event and, in a flurry of shitty scheduling on my part, left every single note I had at home and felt completely ungrounded all evening. The place where I’m usually most comfortable — sharing — was the one where I was the least.

(Ever feel like you’re part of a, “So, a redhead, a priest and a hedgehog walk into a bar” joke?)

It was, without a doubt, A Shattering.

I was recently given the opportunity by ChangeThis to offer a “manifesto” on a subject of my choosing. The only criteria for subject selection? That is was one that inspires change. Doing. Action.

So one day about a month ago, I woke up one morning and wrote The Shattering – How We Get From Where We Are to What and Who We Need to Be (aka A Non-Illustrated Guide to Becoming Honest) (holy shit – that’s a long title). It’s a story — a guide, rather — that I didn’t know I had in me. It was the path I’d been walking for roughly seventeen months.

My journey, and the journey I took my clients on every day, from being Glass Walkers to reveling in the pieces.

When I sat down to review the proof I’d been sent (seriously — the layout is gorgeous and entirely more than I deserve) yesterday, I cried.

Because what Shattered me is that I’d found the story behind my story — my lifelong journey towards becoming honest and every iota of bullshit that comes along with it — completely by accident.

So today, I’m kicking you off the blog. I’m sending you elsewhere. I’m inviting you to The Shattering. It’s available beginning today on ChangeThis, and all you have to do is click a little button that says “download.” You’ll have a gorgeous PDF land on your desktop.


And a disclaimer: This is free. There are no strings, affiliate commissions, or kickbacks I get from you downloading and reading the piece. If you’ve never been introduced to ChangeThis’ manifestos before, you’re missing out (and I’m not saying that because — fuck me — they invited me to write one, which I remain to be a gesture of which I am entirely unworthy but enough about that). Every month, they publish pieces from writers you know. Some you might already love. Others, you’ve never heard of. And we all write for one reason — change.

So once again, fuck off (which I say with the greatest level of affection) and go change something. And lemme know what you think about The Shattering. Turns out that it’s why I wrote that Unpopular book. Why this brand is possible. And why the naysayers have no bandwidth in my days.

Click here to download

PS: A ginormous load of thanks to Dylan Schleicher over at ChangeThis for inviting me to write this (gulp) manifesto and to his brother, Aaron, one of the masterminds at 800CEORead, for mentioning to him that I should. Upon you, I lavish fertile hedgehogs of joy. Joy, I say.


If there's anyone here who hasn't clicked over to go read it -- it's worth your time. Go read it, it'll put things in perspective :)


Damn. I just downloaded it and can't wait to dig in. For the last three years, I've been living among the shards of one a life as I try to discover and be open to the one I have now. Reveling in the pieces? Sometimes. Not often enough. I'm eager to read more.

Larry S. Evans II
Larry S. Evans II

Following a recent shoot-out with the Grim Reaper, I've come to the point of spending less time in "diplomacy with assholes." Some people and things cannot be made to cooperate with one's personal world view, however generously and diplomatically we approach them. The slow slog of our civilization out of the mud has created this belief in the necessity of false cooperation. . . of having to please everyone all the time, that you expose in your book. Yet there are still more people who FEAR to face thing son their own, because it leaves them with no one else to blame.  I've always been one to leap when I had a pretty good idea of where I'd land. Leaping completely blind is stupid, and not leaping until you know absolutely every feature of the terrain is paralysis.  Both ultimately lead to extinction.  If I look at my life, my process of change, and how I've got to here from where I started, it looks like one long slow motion Shattering, that is still going on. Sometimes things like health, loss, and watershed events (like my daughter getting her driver's license yesterday) through a big ol' rock through that window, but I can't see as it's ever been intact. Maybe I'm unusual in that respect. Certainly, I'm not timid.  A redhead a preist and a hedgehog walk into a bar? The way I heard it, the hedgehog was a rabbi. 


I can't tell you how much I need this right now. Many parts of my life shattered this week, and while I was staring at the pieces I was amazed by several things. The ones that still caught my eye, the important ones. They weren't always what I expected. There were also several that showed I was about to make a horrible decision, because it was the "easy way out." I'm very relieved to have a chance to walk away from those.  So I truly appreciate this manifesto, and the opportunity to pick up the shards that actually mean something to me and leave the rest in the sand.

Annie Sisk
Annie Sisk

Can't wait to read this. I did, in point of fact, lose EVERYTHING a few years back. I learned to let go - I learned it was all "stuff" and what wasn't stuff was rebuildable - I learned (finally, thank you, God) that *I* controlled what I built and if I found myself surrounded by crap I never really wanted, I had no one to blame but myself, and that the necessary corollary to that rule was "I totally have the power to build what I *do* want." It's been an up-and-down kind of ride, to be sure, but it sure feels a whole lot better than the crap I lost. 


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