So, a Vet and a Food Truck Walk Into a Bar…

local business social media entrepreneur magazineI’m big on buying local. If I can, I’ll hit up my weekend farmers markets for my produce and buy at locally-owner businesses before hitting a big box retailer. Why? Because these are entrepreneurs – just like me. They get up every morning and open the doors to a place that lets them do what they love.

I’m really fortunate that the folks at Entrepreneur Magazine give me a lot of leeway with what I cover in my column each month and how. So, in the October issue, I decided to go and have a look at hyperlocal businesses that have achieved success through social marketing. Sure, you have to have a kickass product to back up the online hype, but I found two businesses on opposite sides of the country – a vet practice in Southern Florida and a food truck in Seattle – that each took VERY different approaches to social marketing and each found tremendous success.

Stop by the column: How Two Small Companies Are Driving Revenue Using Social Media (in your print editions as Virtual People, Real Dollars).

I know a fair share of my readers operate and consult with hyperlocal and local businesses. I’d love to hear your thoughts about these two companies and other ideas that are bouncing around in your head. Local businesses are the backbone of any community and it just tickles me like Elmo to have had the opportunity to meet these folks and hear how they’re hitting it out of the park with a combination of keystrokes and kickass product and service.

PS: I know full well that a food truck and a vet practice can’t actually walk into a bar. But it would be fun to watch!


Being a vet, the title of this old post caught my eye.  Great article about social media. Even if it is almost 2 years old. It is still applicable today.

  I just built an app for my vet hospital to make it convenient for clients to stay in touch. 

J.D. Meier
J.D. Meier

> "They get up every morning and open the doors to a place that lets them do what they love." Compelling and it's our natural calling ... we do better when we love what we do, and we love what we do better.