WARNING: This Blog Post Contains Delightfully Offensive Bling

Metal Taboo Jackass Keychain

Photo Credit: Metal Taboo

Last night, my friend Lindsay posted a link to a Fab Sale on my Facebook profile. It was this delightful brass disc adorned only with a scant phrase on it: “Fuck.”

I was intrigued.

I clicked through to the Fab sale, found the designer, and promptly Googled the shit out of “Metal Taboo.” My effort landed me in an Etsy store, and from there, I was lost. Ever so brilliantly lost in a sea of shiny filth.

I ordered two pieces.

So today, I’m introducing you to Metal Taboo. There’s nothing at all in it for me — Etsy doesn’t even have an affiliate program. All I know is that my audience is going to love Metal Taboo just as much as I do.

In a world that tells us that we should dial it down or even turn it off, I applaud Tiffanie — the artisan behind Metal Taboo — for turning that shit UP. It seems she even has a consulting business to help debunk the “starving artist” myth and take other artists from ker-plop to profitable.

Anything in this shop is the ideal complement to The World’s Best Pie Chart. And gents, don’t despair — she makes keychains and money clips to suit your very own manly, filthy fancy.

All images in this post are via Metal Taboo’s Etsy store — and I sure as hell hope she doesn’t mind finding about 10,000 new fans.

I’m including a small gallery of some of my favorites.


This post, by you, to your followers is the sort of thing that makes the age of Social Media fantastic. Throughout the world there are thousands, nay millions of little 'guys/gals' pursuing their dream. They toil away in shops, turning their dreams into a product, not knowing if it will ever find an audience. There are writers penning novels, artists creating their visions, and musicians pounding out their own beat, and all of them have a chance.

The nature of competition means that there are no guarantees. One needs quality, to be sure, but that isn't always enough. There needs to be a spark, some catalyst that starts the fire. It isn't luck, it is simply staying with the dream until someone, somewhere notices.

That you, Erika, would choose to dedicate a blog post to one of these dreamers, fills me with joy. As you said, there is nothing in it for you. It likely took very little time to bang out this post and it is done. You're probably already back to following your own dream, but to the artist, it might change their life.

Bless you Erika, from all of the people trying to do what they love, despite the long odds. You've given me hope that lightning can still strike.

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