What Does Living a “Good Life” Mean to You?

erika napoletano good life projectI can’t remember when I first met Jonathan Fields. It has to be at least four years ago and while I might not remember the date, I’ve always remembered him. He’s the kind of guy who instantly calms the room when he steps across the door threshold. The introvert who has just enough extrovert in him to be one of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

Well, it’s qualities like that in a human being that make it an honor to participate in anything Jonathan’s doing. That’s why when he invited me to be a part of his interview series The Good Life Project, it was not only an honor. It was impossible to say no — and frankly, a little intimidating.

Jonathan came to Boulder back in June of this year and we sat down in an ever-so-swank house at the base of Boulder Canyon and rapped for about 45 minutes. From what’s been to what’s next, thsi is probably the most intimate and philosphical interview I’ve ever given. I’m my naturally fidgety self and was delighted to be able to curl up in a chair and do the entire thing barefoot.

Click here to watch the entire interview on The Good Life Project.

Now, a bit more about Jonathan’s The Good Life Project.

Some of my favorite interviews:

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So tell me — what’s YOUR definition of a Good Life? You can hear mine in the last 3 minutes of the interview. Share yours with me below in the comments.


Oh my god this was beautiful, thank you for this. This just spoke exactly to an incredible struggle I've been having this whole year, this sense of feeling lost that has felt out of place in a life that I know appears pretty buttoned up. I think what I'm feeling...is my meatsuit is rotting. I ain't bacon no more. The crippling fear that overtook me graduating college right into the recession  is what has been sustaining me until now and even though beautiful, beautiful things have been born and put into place around me while I flailed and just tried to keep my head above water, that meatsuit, the motive of it all, was still on me. Maybe there's this organic progress that STILL happens when you move from any old M.O. to a new one...from a mind of fear into a place of power and love, even if your fear taught you a lot and helped you build some neat stuff. I am being GIVEN so very much yet right now yet I am crippled with a new kind of anxiety that I haven't felt before, but I think it may be a part of shaking off decay. It's kinda gross and tiring and maybe if I just scoop it up and hold it on a bit longer...? ...but...This is exactly the reason I need to get the cicada tattoo I've been thinking about for a while, they're blowing UP my neighborhood with their harmonies right now. Their metamorphosis is considered "incomplete" and is far less glamorous on both sides than a butterfly experiences...but holy crap are those dudes neat looking anyway and have they ever set an unshakable, emotional soundtrack for every summer anyone has ever experienced in middle America...



I watched that last night. It was incredible. You showed a different side then I usually see in the blog but what you said about writing your own story was just amazing and this came at a time I needed it.


Aliza Stein
Aliza Stein

Hey Erika,

That was an amazing interview! There were so many great moments in the video but I think the MOST endearing part was when you asked if you could swear. I already had a girl crush on you...but THAT moment made me fall in LOVE. 

For me the Good Life means feeling content, feeling full, and feeling blessed. The CAUSE of those feelings might change but ultimately those feelings don't. So, the opportunity to have a good life is always present.

Erika Napoletano
Erika Napoletano moderator

@Aliza Stein Thanks, Aliza -- never hurts to ask permission when you're in someone else's house, no? And your ide of a good life? That sounds pretty damn good to me!