Who Will You Be Today?

who will i be somebodyLet’s just pretend I didn’t take this picture while blazing down the Houston freeway in rush hour traffic this morning while going roughly 40 miles per hour, changing lanes.

Let’s just.

It’s Fuck Yeah Friday around here and this image, a graffiti scrawl on the side of an overpass, made me ponder an important question:

Who will I be today?

I wake up every day and just get my ass moving in roughly the general direction I need to be headed. Or at least, I hope that’s where I point my ass.

But where will I point me heart…my soul…my being?

Throughout my days, I’m never the one that has the best ideas on how to live the life I’ve always imagined. Inspiration comes from a guy wearing a hat who showed me a urinal. Some little old ladies I’ve never met (but my mom has). A couple eating lunch in a Subway in Las Vegas. A dude who just might be Captain James T. (fucking) Kirk.

These are the things — and people — in life who don’t just inspire me live. They inspire me to live a life I could have never imagined without them.

So, in short, ask yourself today: Who will I be today?

And open your eyes. Connect with someone.

And don’t just be someone. Be someone who matters to someone.

We can all change lives, including our own, just through the simple act of being ourselves.

But if we don’t give ourselves that chance — we’ll always stare at random messages like this scrawled in freeway overpasses as if they’re Greek instead of the pure, naked brilliance they truly are.

Here’s to finding your version of Fuck Yeah this Friday.

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  1. Straight Up Talk
    Straight Up Talk says:

    It’s definitely time to break out of and stay out of whatever categories or boxes the world wants to put us in. That’s the only way to live free and happy!

  2. MitchRezman
    MitchRezman says:

    In Chicago I just don’t see the eloquence in grafitti http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgsJ2Sp55_4 but I do admire the great philosopher Popeye and live by his words – “I am what I yam”
    BTW I haven’t seen tracking for the Unicorn with the bag of fifties delivery – is someone just riding it over?


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