Why Do You Fight?

Seriously. I mean, why do you even bother?

It would be so much easier to quit. Take the J-O-B. Stay with the G-U-Y. Keep the A-P-A-R-T-M-E-N-T. Not pay the B-I-L-L. Keep hanging out with that F-R-I-E-N-D. Keep telling yourself you’re the V-I-C-T-I-M.

All of that would be so much easier.

So why do you fight? Why the hell are you getting up each day and bothering when it’s easier just to do what you used to do?

What everyone else is doing.

Y’know. Going along.

I mean taking lessons in treading water and then having the balls to bitch about where you’re at and what you have.

Why the fuck are you fighting? For this thing — this thing that seems so far away but then you do one small thing and you’re reminded it’s not so far way. It’s not out of reach. It’s closer. You can almost touch it.

And then you have to do one more small thing tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that.

And then sometimes, you might even get it. That thing. That little thing you fought for but you know what?

You’re going to have to do it again when the next thing comes along that you want. That you crave. That your being won’t be complete until it’s a part of you.

And, I mean, that’s a fuckload of work. Right?

It’s a fuckload of work to get up each day and do even one small thing to get you closer to where you need to go.

It’s a fight.

Because for each step you take forward, there’s a fucking hurricane waiting to push you back.

To tell you to sit down.

You don’t deserve this.


Oh, sugar — this isn’t for you, silly.

You don’t have what it takes.

Enough money. Talent. Time. Heart. Strength. Love. Hope. Connections. Likes. Shares. Experience.

You just don’t have it, baby.

You’re too _________.

Fill it in. Because you’re all of that and not enough of everything else.

That’s whats waiting for you when you fight. So tell me — why DO you fight?

What is it about THIS that makes the liars, cheaters, haters, and motherfuckers worth going through to get it?

What is it about THIS that makes you think you’re different? That YOU can get it when other people try and fail and crash down in an ever-so-unspectacular way.

What is it about THIS that’s worth the blood and bruises, sleepless nights and hours of prep when you could be doing anything (and everything) else?

Baby, why do you fight?

That’s the question you have to answer today. WHY.

Because what you’re doing — what you want to do — it’s HARD. It’s like a cinderblock sat right the fuck in front of your bare big toe kind of hard and you’re going to walk right into it if you decide to fight.

So tell me why.

And if you can answer that question, good. Fight like a motherfucker to get it because maybe…just maybe…you’ve got what it takes to come out the other side of this with all your eyes and limbs.

Maybe…just maybe…you’re fighting the good fight and all those other people are some slack ass mo-fos who don’t dig your style of mac and cheese. MAYBE THEY DON’T DESERVE YOUR MAC AND CHEESE BECAUSE MAC AND CHEESE, NOT COFFEE, IS FOR CLOSERS. Do-ers. Fighters like you.

So tell me why. But more importantly, tell yourself WHY YOU FIGHT.

Take note. Write that shit down in Sharpie and in a place you can see it. Never let it out of your sight.

Because remembering why you fight just might be the reason you keep doing it.

And forgetting — or worse, not knowing — is probably the reason you’ve quit before.

Know why.



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