Don’t Clean Up Your Language. Buy This Poster Instead.

Why I Swear So Much Pie Chart PosterThere’s always some metric douchecanoe who doesn’t like the words I use.

Like douchecanoe. Which isn’t even that bad. Imagine if I said fuckwit. That would probably push them right over the edge.

In 2010, a situation at my high school reunion involving my class valedictorian prompted me to create a visual explanation for my very dirty mouth. Hell, even the Orbit girl steers clear of me during work hours (though we’ve been know to slip around the back alley and pass a one-hitter). Thusly, “Why I Swear So Much” was born.

Today, you can own the poster.

I’ve produced a limited run of only 100 Why I Swear So Much posters and there are only 87 left. Apparently, some of you saw me testing the Facebook “like” button last night as I was putting the page live, so I already have 13 orders to ship out (ummm…wow…thank you). Holy crap — do you people sleep?

So — if you want to grace the walls of your office or cubicle with the world’s best pie chart, grab yours today for $20 (postage included — BAM!). It’s less expensive than a hooker, lasts longer than an orgasm (also much easier to frame), not nearly as nice as a pair of Joe’s Jeans but fits even when you’re having a fat day.


PS: shipping is currently ONLY to the U.S. If you are international and want to snag one, drop me a line and we’ll work out any additional postage fees.

PPS: posters will ship once a week on Fridays.

PPPS: c’mon baby, don’t be like that…

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