I have over 18 years worth of thoughts, intuitions, and experiences in the marketing and branding realm rolling around in my head — and I’m ready to share them all with you, specific to your situation, goals, personality, and business.

YOU get to pick MY brain. And all it takes is buying me a cup of coffee.

And granted,  it’ll probably be the most expensive cup of coffee you’ve ever bought. But it’ll be worth it…

For the right people, that is.

Who Should Think About Buying Me Coffee?

Well, it starts with feeling stuck. About something. (And no, I’m not going to help you with your dating woes.) Something is keeping you from getting from where you are to FUCK YEAH and frankly, it’s pissing you off.

Wouldn’t it be great to get UNstuck — and in under 75 New York minutes — and on to kicking the ass of whatever had you stuck in the first place?

Thought you might like that.

Here’s what you need to know about my Buy Me Coffee sessions:

  • YOU will need to do some (a tad) work beforehand. 
  • YOU will have my undivided attention during this time. I do not answer emails, call waiting, IM chat messages, or walk my dogs during these sessions. My dogs might bark, however.
  • SESSIONS LAST roughly one hour and fifteen minutes. Maybe a little more or a little less, but at the end you’ll get:
    • An audio recording of your session.
    • Recommended next steps from Erika.
    • A follow-up from Erika one week post-coffee session (email).
  • SCHEDULING for Buy Me Coffee sessions is restricted to dates and times shown on the calendar below. If it’s important enough to talk to me, it’s important enough to schedule a “long lunch” or “a doctor’s appointment” so we can get shit done.
  • FEE: $429. If the success of your business isn’t worth $429, it sure wasn’t worth me sitting down with you for a $4.68 latte.

How Good is the Coffee? Ask These Folks.

“Pretty damn impressive. Smart, insightful, positive. And you’ll love this one: refreshingly challenging yet oddly reassuring. Yes indeed, get your bad self to the coffee shop and order a regular in a vente cup so you’ll have room for everything you’re gonna get. SPOILER ALERT If you want namby pamby platitudes order chai tea somewhere. You want a good cuppa joe that is going to clear out the cobwebs, then this be the place.” ~Christopher K.

“Damn fine time and money well spent! Erika was able to give perspective in areas we never thought of. Not only was the feedback (plan of action) detailed to the max but Erika offered future assistance post initial coffee session. We will definitely be buying her another cup of joe! Get UnStuck and get your java on…” ~Randi C.

“As a newly minted digital entreprenuer, I was very concerned with laying down the right foundation for my online business, staying true to my vision, avoiding the “copycat” syndrome, and losing weight. My coffee date with Erika addressed all those concerns. She gave me solid, practical business advice along with clear,experienced insight. Want to know a straight up answer? Ask Erika. She does not beat around the bush and goes straight for the bullseye. Within our phone call, Erika provided a safe place for me to ask a million questions. She literally allowed me to pick her brain. As a new online business owner I’m plagued with desiring to make the right decisions (should I even do this?), using the right resources (oh,my God! How many ebooks on social media do I have to download?), picking the right website setup (WordPress theme or custom built?) and spending my money wisely (does this online e-course make me look fat?) — Erika addressed all these questions and more. She provides great resources and IS one herself. Her coffee date was the best investment I ever made for my business.” ~ Aliza S.

“Erika was able to give me a perspective of my business that I had not been able to get to after months of analyzing. Would I have gotten there on my own? Perhaps, but it would have taken me several more months of wasted energy, time, money and frustration! When you are a one person show, and still in the start up phase, every penny counts, but in weighing what I got out if this vs. what I paid….priceless. This was truly an inspiring call, worth every cent! And that…is called VALUE!” ~Tammie K.

“Erika had ideas that have expanded the possibilities of what I was originally considering. Since speaking with her, I’m planning for action steps that feel right, but weren’t even on the table before. Working with Erika is an investment in myself and in my business that I’m really glad I’ve decided to make. Highly recommended. ~Lisa F.

“After following Erika for awhile on her blog, I was excited to get the opportunity to buy her coffee. While it may have been the most expensive cup of coffee I ever bought (I sure hope so anyway), the time spent with her was worth every penny! I am a solo entrepreneur and getting direction and an outside perspective from someone who knows their stuff was invaluable. She provided actionable tips throughout the call, and after to get my business on track and, well, unstuck. I hung up the phone after our time together feeling pumped and motivated! Highly recommend this!” ~Kimberly C.

“I bought Erika coffee and she nearly doubled my website hits inside seven days.

The Redhead gave me simple, sound advice about design and cutting through the bullshit. BAM! I got results.

Before Erika, my landing page had 198 hits over the last 30 days. (Yes, less than 200 total for a solid month.) After I made the changes Erika suggested, I had 79 page views in less than a week. That’s nearly double. In less than seven days.

What I like best about working with Erika is her ability to translate how your online personality impacts your business. I’m a writer. I do not speak techno or numbers. Neither does she. Finally, thanks to her frank approach, my head is wrapped around how to help myself. Her tips are lasting and personal.” ~Becky D.

“Coffee with Erika experience can be describe in three words– humble, kick ass, and over-delivers.

Trust me when I tell you getting UNSTUCK is only the beginning :)

I think the people we admire the most are not so much people that accomplish great things, but those that say they’re going to do something extraordinary and actually follow through. Now that’s impressive If that same person follows through on something that they promised you, something that could potentially change your life and that of your business, when they deliver that’s beyond impressive. Erika Napoletano is that person.

With her experience, great advice and huge success, she still manages to give that feel of a great neighbor who’s looking out for you. Now that’s PLATINUM.” ~Jacqueline D.

“Don’t even bother contacting Erika for a coffee date if you aren’t ready to get off your ass and get moving. I went into the meeting with Erika worried because I just didn’t know if I had the WORDS for what I was wanting. Not to worry, in the span on 60 minutes Erika slapped around my joke of a “brand”, chewed it up and spit out not only an amazing tag line, but helped me to see vividly what I wanted my brand to be.

Don’t worry if she starts typing on the computer during your session, she isn’t making jokes about you on twitter, she is shooting off emails to her arsenal of badass VA’s and graphic designers to get you connected to the right people. I left that session with a list of to do’s and Erika had her list as well. I’ll be damned if she didn’t quickly and efficiently get me rolling in the right direction.

If you are stuck, Erika is just the person to get you moving with her brand of no bullshit, ‘your website sucks I don’t care how much money you spent on it a week ago, you have to do it over again’ advice.” ~Kelly P.

YES! Schedule Your Coffee with Erika NOW!

Or…you could just keep doing what you’re doing. Your call.