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American Censorship Day - no to government

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Sounds fucking scary, doesn’t it?

And it’s true – this site, the one you visit, participate in, share, and have supported, is at risk.

Today is American Censorship Day. What is that, you ask? Well, here’s the skinny in a few simple steps:

Today (11/16), Congress is holding hearings on the first Internet censorship bill. Here’s what passage of this bill means (information taken directly from the website, a movement backed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Wikipedia, Creative Commons, Mozilla, and more):

  • Users? Schmuzers! You’re Blocked! If a user on your website posts an link that infringes against SOPA (the bill up for vote), YOU as a website owner, can have your site BLOCKED by the government.
  • Cute Facebook and YouTube videos? Fuggedaboudit. The next time your make a video of your nine-year-old singing a Katy Perry song and post it on Facebook or YouTube, that becomes a felony, punishable by up to 5 years in jail.

Here’s a great video that explains how this – unnecessary – bill works:

So – what can you – my VERY active and involved audience do to keep the gubment out of your interwebz in this overly obtrusive way?

Visit the American Censorship Day website and you’ll be greeted by a popup window (it looks like this) that will allow you in a click and a few keystrokes, to send your message to Congress TODAY. Sorry – I’d display the script on my website, but I’ve got this place locked down so tightly against hackers that I can’t get into my own source code. If the window doesn’t appear when you arrive on that website within 10 seconds, scroll down and look at the right side of the page and click on this link. That will force the window onto your screen.

try it out link

But do this for me – and for you. Please. (US residents only)

And if you need more information on how SOPA – the bill in question – works, here’s an infographic (courtesy of

SOPAinfographic - American Censorship Day

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      • TolerancePolice
        TolerancePolice says:

        Seems to me free speech is for everyone — not just everyone you agree with. Seems to me “fuck off, you nimrod” is what you say when you *don’t* respect a person’s right to share their view. Champion of free speech? Great. But, sorry — that means free speech for dissenters, too. 

        How utterly boring if we only interacted (online or in life) with people whose views are exactly like ours. A thinking person isn’t hostile toward those who disagree — and can come up with something better than “fuck off.”

        • The Redhead
          The Redhead says:

          **apologies to this commentor – as your profile was not pulling up in Disqus. Keep the comments coming and eff technology for not letting me see who you were when I clicked.

          Again, I told him, if you read the comment thread, that he’s welcome to his opinion. He can fuck off because he doesn’t have an identifiable profile and is using the word “guest.” His is still anonymous in nature. So again, if he wants to continue to comment, you need to link your profile to something identifiable. There are no “anonymous” comments here on RedheadWriting.

          And if you followed this blog, you’d know – ALL opinions are welcome here. Just just gotta own up to them. With a REAL PROFILE.

          And for the record – I think. Plenty – though you might not think much about my thoughts 🙂

          Appreciate you stopping by, regardless.

          • TolerancePolice
            TolerancePolice says:

            Suffice it to say it wasn’t clear that anonymity was the only problem with Anonymous’ first comment. Anyway, I appreciate your reply, and for the record, I think the vast majority of what you write is articulate and compelling. I was merely baffled to see such a swift boot on Anonymous’ neck.

  1. guest
    guest says:

    Most rules, regulations and laws are put in place to stop the dishonest people of the world.  Almost everybody I know illegally downloads games, music and movies.  Everybody who does that is a thief.  It is no different than going into a store and shoplifting.

    Now everybody is crying boo hooo they are going to stop us from stealing this.  Cry me a river – you brought on yourselves.

    • ErikBoles
      ErikBoles says:

      Dear “Guest”, you are entitled to your opinion, but you are 100% wrong.  I am a security engineer for McAfee (on the enterprise Cloud Security side, not the consumer AV side), and there will always be ways around anything they put in place (TOR comes to mind, as a very easy initial step). 

      This law doesn’t make the criminals honest again, it impedes the progress of free expression of those that are already honest.  This is a direct result of people in the Govt. sector not understand the technology at hand, being afraid of it, and building mis-guided solutions that make them sleep better at night without understand the problem(s) at hand.

      Look at all of the gun legislation that has gone into affect over the last 10 years, do criminals own less guns as a result?

      Erik Boles

  2. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    And comments like my response of “go fuck yourself” would possibly be a violation under the new laws. This isn’t about illegal content – it’s about fastracking without discussion and discourse, you nimrod. You’re entitled to your opinion, but please – take it elsewhere.


    • guest
      guest says:

      Hold on a second – one thing I have always loved about your blog was that you spoke your mind and that others were allowed to speak their mind as well.  You promote free speech and free thought.

      I guess that only counts if I agree with you. 

      • The Redhead
        The Redhead says:

        That IS most certainly true. But as a content producer, I can certainly disagree with you coming in here – a place that’s for sharing, and saying “you brought this on yourselves.”

        I support the current copyright legislation and definitions of Fair Use. I even speak on the topic frequently. But I think it’s balls-ass ball-less of you to come in here with a “guest” tag and not stand behind your opinions. Put a name to yourself. No one posts here as “guest” on a whitelist status. That’s because we OWN our thoughts and words here at RedheadWriting. And if you don’t like it, you can bail. Even people here who post with a username have a complete, identifiable profile. YOU do not, save one comment in the Disqus system from months ago. I don’t know who you are. Neither does anyone else here. Which is why I told you to fuck off.

        This legislation isn’t about “digital shoplifting” and if you think it is, you’re sadly mistaken and I have a bevy of legal and technology professionals who will back me up till the next millenium on this one.

  3. D.T. Pennington
    D.T. Pennington says:

    Stores and sellers of physical items take great strides to prevent loss, and even that doesn’t always work.  There are already dozens of regulations and government programs in place to keep people from stealing copyrighted content online. What this censorship bill does is block and shut down any site that even has a link to a place where you can download illegally. 

    Even if I were to link to right here in the comments, this site would shut down even if the RedHead hates McClaine. 

    Frankly, a lot of the old mediums (Hollywood, anything to do with the music industry, etc) are only getting in arms about this because they have yet to learn how to embrace the digital age. If music distributors embraced something like Napster, instead of shutting it down, they would have had access to MILLIONS of potential customers. Instead they criminalized all those who were ultimately creating more awareness for their product. 

    Now, those millions are paying to use streaming services and taking more legal ownership of the music they love. Times change, business models change, and to ask the government to intervene to keep things the way they were inhibits business creativity and economic growth. This thinking can be applied to pretty much anything the government currently subsidizes and regulates (ahem – Big Oil), but that’s for another post entirely. 

    Why I’m trying to explain this to someone who can’t even make themselves a non-guest is beyond me. 

  4. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    You’ve got it – and my apology stands. And anyone is certainly welcome – at any time – to disagree with anything I throw out there. Ya just need to own the words. How boring would a dinner party be if everyone around the table chimed in with a sycophantic chirp? And – you’re whitelisted. Sorry – thought I’d done that with the last comment.

  5. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    That doesn’t include the porn sites, does it? That might be going too far………….

    I hear ya loud and clear; the last thing we want is mo gubment trying to be the thought police. Pretty much anything the government tries to over-legislate turns out much worse than what they were trying to address.

    It wouldn’t be the same around here w/out your F-bombs………….:)

  6. J.T. Evans
    J.T. Evans says:

    I’m withya sista. 
    This is total crap, the idea of it is shit, let alone the fact that since it was borne of this current fucked up political system, it could actually happen. Typical knee-jerk reaction to public fear. “Oooohhhh, the people that say the f-word and think for themselves and discuss things instead of just trade insults are going to bleed the morals out of our spotless system”. I think it was Jefferson who kept kindly reminding people that morality comes from a society, not from a government. I kinda get the hunch that since it’s an election year, the republicans (yes, it’s lower case on purpose) are gradstanding one in the name of “public safety and morality”. Here’s a little fuckin’ secret folks – both of those things come from good parents. I know, I try to be a good one everyday. Jaysus, sorry to drag on.Anyway, it’s obvious that Red IS the color of passion, . . . thanks and keep it up. 


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