ZOMG – The Redhead is Vlogging!

Xbox Kinect Denver Well, you’re getting a taste of The Redhead on video a BIT earlier than I’d planned. I had video blogging slated to begin on September 1, but an event last week kicked my plans into high gear. I was invited to attend the “sneak peek” event for the soon-to-be-released Xbox Kinect system here in Denver. I’m not going to say anything that’s not already in the video, but I’ll supplement it with this: video games and computers were a staple in my house growing up. From Atari to Coleco Vision to the Commodore 64, we were plugged in and competing. My brother mastered Pitfall and I was an avid Frogger fan. My sister latched on the The Smurfs. The holy grail, however, was the Atari.

Games were $30 (THIRTY DOLLARS) and my mother stood in line at Sears for more than one of them. Last Thursday night’s event convinced me of one thing…okay, TWO things:

1) I still love video games.

2) The Wii is dead.

I’ve condensed it into 6 minutes and hope you enjoy.

***Per FCC regulations, I have to disclose that Xbox has not compensated me for the review and information contained in this post. However, I did receive a Flip MinoHD as a gift for attending the event. Thanks to Edelman PR and Xbox for the kind gift! You’ll be powering my video blogging efforts from here on out.

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52 replies
  1. Clemens
    Clemens says:

    Looking good, awesome how competitive people are! Great preview. Was it easy to pick up for you?

    A lot of information on Kinect and its game can be found on http://bit.ly/123kinect – maybe you should give that a look if you’re triggered by this video on Kinect.

  2. Amy Oscar
    Amy Oscar says:

    Loved it! I learned (in a fun way) about a product I'd never heard of; I now want the product (badly!); you've shown that Vlogging can be so much more than a talking head in an office recorded on a WebCam. In other words, great production! And you are absolutely adorable. More please!

  3. Michael Fierro
    Michael Fierro says:

    People have been saying that the Wii is dead since its launch. I am not gonna vote against the champ. Kinect seems cool for dancing/exercise/body control games. But it looked very un-natural for the racing games, which naturally lend themselves to a controller (e.g. a steering wheel).

  4. parkridgedds
    parkridgedds says:

    I agree with Brandon…the video is very professional. I just experimented with my first video this weekend that I will be posting on my business website this week and believe me….it looks NOTHING like yours. Maybe it's all about the Apple 😉
    Can't wait to see more of your vlogging.

  5. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    You guys are entirely too kind, especially considering I was expecting to get laughed out of town…iMovie made it really easy – I just wish there were more templates available.

  6. Big L
    Big L says:

    Nice work! You're right, iMovie is fantastic and more templates would be useful, indeed! (Get on that, Apple!) The only thing I give thumbs down to is that I'm not anywhere near ready to accept the Wii as dead. Will Mario & Luigi ever REALLY be dead? 🙂 They are kings.

  7. Jim Raffel
    Jim Raffel says:

    Yes, well I just talked to him about it…the response. “I think it's dumb. All it will work for is stupid cartoony games like the wii.” Well, like his Dad he's got an opinion and isn't afraid to share it!

  8. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    Huh…well, I didn't see any stupid cartoony games. But hey – he's a gamer and knows what he likes! You should see if there's a Microsoft store in your area demoing the Kinect.

  9. Eileencook1
    Eileencook1 says:

    Love the Vblogging my fiery redhead lova!! You've got me convinced on getting this. Problem is, my Wii is just sitting in my bedroom after I begged and begged for it! lol xoxoxo

  10. Cherry Woodburn
    Cherry Woodburn says:

    Congratulations – you're a vibrant, verifiable vlogger now. Whoo-hoo.
    My younger son was and remains a gamer. I thought he was nuts until I tried Mario Brothers and Dr. Mario. Then he progressed way beyond me. The Wii was fun and I was exhausted after the boxing one. How'd you feel with this? Good fun and cardio?

    Did you use a flip for this? Pretty easy to make on the mac? I thought the way you did it was quite creative. Go Reds.

  11. The Redhead
    The Redhead says:

    Yeah I used the Flip MinoHD cam and iMovie on the Mac. The whole thing took me about an hour, plus about 1.25 hours to export and then upload to You Tube! The kickboxing was an ass-kicking workout. I was sweating! LOL.

  12. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    That was awesome for your first vlog! I never mastered Pitfall or Frogger 🙁 I loved Kaboom 🙂

    and.. me thinks I need one of these – I LOVE that it has NO controls.


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